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  • The Mourning Wood

    The sailing ship of the pirate captain [[:natazsi|Natazsi]], the Mourning Wood is becoming known for practising a sick punishment known as [[Doubledick|double dicking]]. Its figurehead is a winged snake with supple breasts that feature screaming faces in …

  • The Wormwood

    The Wormwood is the ship of the pirate captain Barnabas. The ship practised pressganging in order to fill its ranks, and [[:natazsi|Natazsi]], [[:splintershin]], [[:jerry]], [[:zep]], and [[Darius]] were all pressed into the crew. When The Wormwood …

  • The Devil's Carnival

    A longship armoured in the bodies of a hundred moaning and screaming people chained to the exterior of the ship. The crew of the Devil's Carnival is known to include a caster capable of casting fireball, and a horrible naked jester man with a gatling …

  • The Sea Chanty

    A merchant ship captured by [[The Mourning Wood]], found in the Fever Sea being assaulted by [[The Devil's Pallor]]. It was stripped and then sunk.

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